Friendship is a hoax. Take the example of Julius caesar. Shakespeare’s lines “et tu brute” conveys the pain caesar is feeling. It’s not the knife that hurt him. it’s the fact that his best friend did this for his own good and power. What are friends,you ask?

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend” Martin Luther King Jr said this very quote,my friends.however,he forgot to mention that power and greed can turn a friend into an enemy. everything in life is reversible.
you trust them and they turn out to hurt you. I have never had a good history with friends. they coax me out of my shell and as soon as they ditch me,i hide again. maybe im just afraid of getting hurt. then again being that cautious is just plain sad. but you just can’t help it. its easier to disconnect so they can’t hurt you and so you don’t become vulnerable.
people have the power to break you and to heal you. the fact of the matter is, breaking is much more simpler. you tell me, when you break a glass,its easy ,isn’t it ? but when you sweep it up, it’s a lot more difficult and you may get hurt also.
But, some of you who have good friends who have healed you a lot of times,hang on to them .they are the real diamonds and you know what those sexist people say, “diamonds are a girls best friend”. so hold them ,never break them and never let them go.


“time,unfortunately,doesnt make it easy to stay on course.”

“Poets often describe love as an emotion we cant control,one that overwhelms logic and common sense.”

The notebook is a typical love story. Like Noah said…”the romantics would call it a love story,but the cynics would call it a tragedy”. I feel that the book is wonderfully written but however is not as descriptive as the movie. The book was more sexual than romantic. It is romantic but it defies logic as she could have not remembered him in the ending just by one are defying medical science sparks. However, Nicholas gets away by saying that its just the miracle of love. It both annoys and astonishes me how sparks loves to just disregard reality and live in his own fantasy see (pardon me for this)”that’s the thing about love…it demands to be remembered”. I just “greened” it ,sorry.well,he succeeded in making fall in love with the idea of love in a fantasy world. typical prince charming,white horse book.dont fall for it girls. all the single ladie put your hands up! It definitely stirred emotions but as no one can relate,its just a fantasy. However,my concluding statement is that it is a must read as well…it is THE notebook and reading it is a necessity.



Friendship in a disguised form

A friendship is like titanic. It takes a long time to build and a lot of effort is put into it but sad part is that it can be sunken easily.
I should know as I have never been great in friendships as a whole. Friends are like chocolate. You want it but only get one on special occasions and when you do, you make it last. Friendships can be broken by a simple misunderstanding.
Best friends aren’t those who share similar interests. They are more. They are the ones who will learn to like you for who you are and point out your flaws but never let anyone else do so.
Boyfriends will come and go and friends stay for longer but best friends are for your lifetime, whether you like it or not.
My point is hold onto them unlike how rose held onto jack(seriously people… Let’s face it… The wood was big enough for both of them). If your best friend tells you to let go of them if you love them, don’t! They just read a Instagram posts and are saying s***. Hold onto them and never let them go. Like that annoying cello tape that gets stuck on your hand.
So basically thanks to all my friends and readers who I unfortunately consider as my friends and my best friend imusun24 … For infinity and beyond. Also please people write something in comment tab which you always wanted to say to your best friend and couldn’t and also about your best memory with him/her and what they meant to her and also what friendship as a word means to you.

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It’s time to wake up

I’m not gonna sugarcoat the truth as I feel that would be an insult to all of all. Instead I’m gonna do something long and forgotten in this generation and that is… Tell the truth.
We live in a chaotic world where people can either choose to live in harmony or fight till death. Guess what we choose? Life is already complicated and we idiots choose to complicate it further and worst part of all… We choose not to face the consequences. We leave it to others as we are cowards.
Cowardice is an easy but haunting way to escape from truth. It has a price. Nowadays everything does but sometimes if you look closely, you may find a reward hidden in it.
What makes me personally shameful is that my own species harms each other and other species as well. It’s become so bad that someone calling me a human which was once upon a time my pride now has become an insult.
I may seem righteous but see, I’m not a saint and I’m happy to admit it. But it’s time to stop playing games people cause the game, is going to get over soon and when that day comes….i hope you remember my words.

being a feminist…

being a feminist is hard. trust me… you become less popular, are labelled as preachy and as serious. not a fun life…but I shall stand up for the right.

for example ,in my friends all girl school, there is no engineering course. however , in the same school brand all boys school, there is an engineering course. there is a difference between respect and idiocy. a boy respects a girl by treating her as an equal, both emotionally and intellectually. however, idiocy is when a guy says he does not hit girls cause inside his stupid head,he believes that we are the weaker sex(as if)! my whole life I was taunted as i was tomboyish so as to prove my feminist point but unluckily other girls didn’t share the same ideas …go figure!

they continue to act them puny selves though they are strong independent who think they have to be girly and play with barbies cause that’s how everyone shows it. I was a rebel, with my cars and transformers.

people are to be blamed for putting these thoughts into girls and boys heads such that they grow up and further encourage these stereotypes.

media is the first to be blamed. they show in all movies that girls are sensitive,  clean, control freaks tell that to my messy room), girly, anti-sports and is all the time crying and angry (like we are pms-ing all the time ).

second is the sports sirs. for example , we all once wanted to play football. I went and asked the sir for a football. three other boys came after me to ask for one. he took out three and gave it to them. I confronted him angrily and all he did was reply angrily” you girls can’t play soccer”. I stood there in shock. is this really how the people we are supposed to respect, our elders, see us girls? well if it is then I don’t know what respect or justice is anymore

third is of course our other subject teachers. they ask only the boys to pick up heavy stuff. once I had to move my seat and the teacher asked me to stand back and asked a boy to pick it up. I simply went forward,picked it up and looked triumphantly at them. but when competitions like embroidery ,pillow making , etc comes up they immediately ask for girls. and boys who are interested in stuff like that are labelled as gay and weak . so basically our teachers see the equivalent of sports as boyish and craft stuff as girlish. and you know what ? I see gender as irrespective and teachers as sexist. beat that!

lat but not least, boys . they go through a lot of discrimination too. they discriminate us and think of us as weak and as a gender who need protectors as the above people I have blamed like teachers ,media and even their parents inject these thoughts into their heads along with boys should not cry as if they do, they become a girl.

the song let it go by idina menzel from the movie frozen really inspires them. “conceal , don’t feel” is what the world wants them to do when all they wanna do is let it go(song reference intended) . I know more boys who have cried at the ending of fault in our stars and Marley and me. I have always encouraged them to let it go and be who they are .

when will the one day come when girls play with trucks and play sports and boys can cry openly and like glitter? if we fight we can get that day to come . fight to our death and stand up for what we believe in. to all those feminists… don’t give up. we are all in this together (all song references not intended 😉 )

support the cause #weareone/  #ourfight/  #hearusgirls/ #feminism and encourage people to join our fight. we can do this and we can’t back down. all movie and song references intended. one last thing, yes i intended the song references this time (im only human!) .welcome to my life and if you read this, yours too…

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If This Is Reality Then I’m Out.

Ugh if anyone told her this was life… she would’ve preferred to stay in her mother’s womb. ugh another day of torture. Reality sucks. If you think that life is better than reality than think again as you see, reality is part of life or rather life is reality. Another day of bruises and cuts, another day of lies and another taste of reality. Trust me …reality’s taste is not that good.having it once in while is okay but having it everyday makes you sick. Maybe once in a while you deserve a good pleasant treat for your buds but nope …you get the same thing everyday, aah life/reality…what you gonna do ?

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